The Congregation of Trinity Lutheran wants to “reach out” to our community and beyond and has done so in several ways:

1) We get lists from South Hamilton Schools and create a “Back to School” list where we obtain the things needed for class and purchase them along with backpacks that students and their parents can pick up in August.

2) We provide Riverside Bible summer camp scholarships to the Youth in our congregation or non-members who have attended Friends of Jesus groups the past year. We also monetarily support Riverside Bible Camp and their ministry to children and youth.

3) We provide significant monthly support to The Lord’s Cupboard food pantry in Jewell for families needing assistance.

4) We recently ran a campaign to purchase various animals through Lutheran World Relief to help those in Africa to begin raising their own food. The generosity of our members and other donors raised over $2,800 for the cause!

5) 38 members of our church family spent one night in November 2017 cutting out from denim patterns in order to create shoes to be sent to people in Africa. The result was 158 pairs in 2 hours! In March of 2018 our shoe cutting party yielded over 100 pairs with 15 in attendance! Sheena Anderson went to Uganda on a missionary trip in April of 2018 and our joint mission with Sole Hope Ministries continues!

Our church’s missionaries are Ben and Susan Rodgers, President of Children’s Cup Ministries (